Pulse Clinic: Indias 1st dedicated Interventional Radiology Hospital



Pulse Clinic and Hospital is the one and only Hospital, Totally dedicated to Interventional Radiology, in India. We offer the latest IR procedures under one roof and with our sophisticated equipment and excellent hospitalization amenities, we ensure that all patients are accurately diagnosed and treated effectively.

Our faculties and leaders, Dr Atul Rewatkar and Dr Rajesh Mundhada are thought leaders in interventional radiology with More than 2 decades of experience between them. They are assisted by a faithful team of well trained, courteous and competent staff members.


What is Interventional Radiology

The world took a long time to traverse the journey between the tedious and highly invasivelaparotomy to the lesser invasive yet risky laparoscopy.

With Interventional Radiology, we take the first step towards pin-hole surgeries- a new wave of modern science aimed at creating specific diagnostic and therapeutic procedures for the ever expanding range of conditions encapsulated within the human body. These surgeries are performed with minimal risk and are aided with multiple gadgets like catheters, wires, X-Ray and other imaging techniques like fluoroscopy, CT scans, MRI and ultra sound scans.

Interventional Radiology ofteneliminates the need for hospitalization. It not only catalyses surgeries for early ambulation of the patient but can also act as a complete alternative to several surgeries.